The Sebastopol Center for the Arts 4th annual Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival (SDFF) is just a month away (March 18-20), and the impressive lineup includes 58 films from over twenty countries. All of the docs tell funny, thoughtful, entertaining, and insightful stories of diverse people, places and things. Some are filled with voices, others resound with music or the sound of commerce, creativity and nature. Some filmmakers want to bring change. Others just want you to become more aware. The people include musicians, male synchronized swimmers, female wrestlers, painters, tattoo artists, refugees, piano tuners, and circus performers. The places range from villages in Pennsylvania, India, Mexico, Papua, New Guinea, and British Columbia to the expansiveness of the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon Rainforest. The things include a Christmas tree, an elephant, a racehorse, Roadrunner cartoons, an abandoned mental hospital, plastic toy soldiers, honey bees, a sauna in a telephone booth, and billboard-sized nudes.

Take your pick. Tickets, schedules and informational brochures are available by phone (707-829-4797) online at and in person at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts (Tu-Fri 10am-4pm, 6780 Depot Street).